Although advances in pharmaceutical technology have contributed largely to improve dosage forms, effective drug delivery still remains a significant challenge in many conditions where drug treatment is indicated.
One of the key research topics in addressed in the research program will be to investigate aspects affecting the efficient delivery of drugs to the pharmacological site of action in order to maximise the therapeutic effect by using natural products in improved drug delivery systems.

The optimisation of drug delivery through these novel dosage forms will not only contribute to the effective treatment of the disease, but decreases the total treatment costs and thereby provides economic value as compared to conventional dosage forms.

Optimisation of drug delivery will be approached in different ways including reduction of the number of doses by means of sustained release over an extended period of time, increased residence time at the site of absorption by mucoadhesive systems, protection against degradation and increased absorption of the released drug by inclusion of absorption enhancing agents.

These strategies will be investigated and in combination to identify possible synergistic effects that may result in an unique delivery system with optimum drug delivery properties.