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Viljoen, A.M., Van Wyk, B-E. 2000. The chemotaxonomic value of the phenyl pyrone, aloenin in the genus Aloe. Biochemical Systematics and Ecology 28: 1009–1017.

The phenyl pyrone, aloenin was positively identified in 16 species in a greater chemotaxonomic study on 380 species of Aloe. A large number of species have previously been suggested to be related on the basis of their macromorphological characters. The leaf exudate composition of the 16 species are presented together with a summary of the salient morphological characters. The possible taxonomic relationships between aloenin producing species, not previously thought to be associated with one another are discussed and illustrates the need to explore additional characters of taxonomic value in this large genus of ca. 420 species where no natural classification system exists.

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