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Van Heerden, F.R., Viljoen, A.M., Van Wyk, B-E. 2000. 6’-O-Coumaroylaloesin from Aloe castanea – A taxonomic marker for Aloe section Anguialoe. Phytochemistry 55: 117–120.

The structure of 6′-O-coumaroylaloesin [2-acetonyl-8-(6-O-coumaroyl-β--glucopyranosyl)-7-hydroxy-5-methylchromone], a mono-ester chromone derivative in which only the 6-position of the glucosyl moiety is esterified, was determined by spectroscopic methods. The compound is a unique chemotaxonomic character restricted to the six species in Aloe section Anguialoe.

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