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Dagne, E., Bisrat, D., Van Wyk, B-E., Viljoen, A.M. 2000. Chromones and anthrones from Aloe marlothii and Aloe rupestris. Phytochemistry 55: 949–952.

A phytochemical investigation of the leaf exudate of Aloe marlothii has resulted in the isolation of a new chromone (7-O-methylaloeresin A) and a new anthrone (5-hydroxyaloin A 6′-O-acetate). Furthermore 7-O-methylaloesin was isolated as a natural product for the first time from the leaf exudate of Aloe rupestris. The structure elucidation of these compounds was based on spectral data including 2D NMR. The chemotaxonomic value of 7-O-methylaloesin in Aloe series Asperifoliae and section Pachydendron is discussed.

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