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Karagianis, G., Viljoen, A.M., Waterman, P.G. 2003. Identification of major metabolites in Aloe littoralis by liquid chromatography-nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. Phytochemical Analysis 14: 275–280.

Examination of the leaf exudate of the South African species Aloe littoralis by reversed-phase HPLC revealed the presence of two major metabolites. The identification of the two compounds without isolation was attempted by HPLC-NMR based on separation using a C18 column eluting with a deuterium oxide:acetonitrile solvent gradient and an inverse HPLC-NMR probe. For each compound, one-dimensional proton spectra, and two-dimensional homonuclear COSY and TOCSY, and heteronuclear HSQC and HMBC, spectra were collected. On the basis of the data obtained, the metabolites were characterised as 10-hydroxyaloin B and deacetyllittoraloin.

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