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Lindsey, K.L., Viljoen A.M., Jäger, A.K. 2003. Screening of Aloe species for antioxidant activity. South African Journal of Botany 69: 599–602.

A selection of Aloe species were tested for possible inhibition of lipid peroxidation and free-radical scavenging effects. Most of the Aloe species tested contained chromone glycoside compounds with radical scavenging activity in the diphenylpicrylhydrazyl (DPPH) TLC assay. Aloe claviflora, A. thraskii and A. maculata had moderate activity in the lipid peroxidation assay, whereas the other species tested did not show inhibition. Despite their free radical scavenging activity, most species did not prevent lipid peroxidation, so the tested aloes do not seem to have promising antioxidant activity.

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