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Joulain, D., Casazza, A., Laurent, R., Portier, D., Pandya, R., Le, M., Viljoen, A. 2004. The flavor of fruits of South Africa. Part I: Mobola plum (Parinari curatellifolia). Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 52: 2322–2325.

The volatile flavor components of Mobola plum (Parinari curatellifolia), a native fruit of Southern Africa, have been isolated by a vacuum headspace concentration method. The concentrate was analyzed by hyphenated gas chromatographic techniques, including gas chromatography (GC)/mass spectrometry (MS) and GC/Fourier transform infrared (FTIR), together with other GC-coupled detection devices for the specific and selective detection of nitrogen- and sulfur-containing compounds. A total of 88 components were identified. Of these compounds, 12 contain nitrogen, including 2-aminobenzaldehyde and phenylacetaldoxime, which are detected for the first time in an edible fruit. In addition, two unusual nitrated compounds have been identified, including optically active (2-nitrobutyl)benzene, which is a new natural product. Quantitative and sensory data of the new compounds are provided.

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