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Başer, K.H.C., Demirci, B., Özek, T., Viljoen, A.M., Victor, J. 2006. Composition of the essential oils of two Adenandra species from South Africa. Journal of Essential Oil Research 18: 46–47.

Hydrodistilled essential oils from the herbal parts of Adenandra obtusata Sond. and A. villosa (P.J.Bergius)
Licht. ex Roem. et Schult.were analyzed by GC and GC/MS. Thirty-seven compounds were characterized in the oil of A. obtusata, representing 95.2% of the oil. Main compounds were 2-undecanone (33.3%), α-pinene (33.2%) and myrcene (2.4%). Forty-five compounds were characterized in the oil of A. villosa, representing 97.6% of the oil with myrcene (49.6%), sabinene (13.8%), 1,8-cineole + β-phellandrene (6.6%), (Z)-β-ocimene (4.2%) and limonene (3.7%) as main constituents.

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