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Viljoen, A.M., Van Vuuren, S.F., Gwebu, L., Demirci, B., Başer, K.H.C. 2006. The geographical variation and antimicrobial activity of African Wormwood (Artemisia afra Jacq.) essential oil. Journal of Essential Oil Research 18: 19–25.

The aerial parts of 16 individual Artemisia afra plants from four natural populations were hydrodistilled and the
essential oil analyzed by GC/MS. The oil composition varied quantitatively and qualitatively within and between natural populations and showed no correlation to the geographical distribution. The antimicrobial activity was demonstrated by means of time-kill methodology using the respiratory pathogens C. neoformans and K. pneumoniae. Antimicrobial activity was most prominent within 10 min at concentration 0.75% for K. pneumoniae and within 60 min at concentration 1% for C. neoformans. Investigation of the four major compounds most abundant in the A. afra oil (artemisia ketone, 1,8-cineole, α- and β-thujone) indicated minimal antimicrobial activity when investigated independently and
in various combinations against K. pneumoniae.

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