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Semwal, D., Semwal, R., Combrinck, S., Viljoen, A.M. 2016. Myricetin: A dietary molecule with diverse biological activities. Nutrients: 8(2), 90.
Myricetin is a common plant-derived flavonoid and is well recognised for its neutraceutical value. It is one of the key ingredients of various foods and beverages. The compound exhibits a wide range of activities that include strong anti-oxidant, anticancer, antidiabetic and anti-inflammatory activities.  It displays several activities that are related to the central nervous system and numerous studies have suggested that the compound may be beneficial to protect against diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. The use of myricetin as a preserving agent to extend the shelf life of foods containing oils and fats is attributed to the compound’s ability to protect lipids against oxidation. A detailed search of existing literature revealed that there is currently no comprehensive review available on this important molecule. Hence, the present work includes the history, synthesis, pharmaceutical applications and toxicity studies of myricetin. This report also highlights reported structure-activity relationships and mechanisms of action for various biological activities.