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Jambwa, T., Viljoen, A.M., Hamman, J.H. 2011. Matrix forming excipients from natural origin for controlled release matrix type tablets. Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology 5: 433-439.

Since excipients from renewable sources are attractive due to their sustainable mass production, this study aimed at investigating the use of gel and whole leaf materials from Aloe vera and Aloe ferox to produce controlled release mini-matrix type tablets. The flow properties of the aloe materials were determined by means of different tests. Matrix type tablets manufactured from each aloe material individually and in combination with other polymers were evaluated in terms of their physical characteristics, mucoadhesive properties, swelling behavior and drug release kinetics. The drug release from some of the formulations was sustained over an extended period of time and two of the formulations approached zero-order kinetics. This study confirmed that A. vera and A. ferox leaf materials showed high potential to be used as excipients in modified release matrix-type tablets prepared by direct compression.

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