Plants for Life - Prof Alvaro Viljoen

South Africa is famed for its wild life and picturesque landscape beauty.

Far surpassing this is a myriad of plant species which is considered so unique and diverse that the Cape Floral Kingdom is recognized as one of the six floral Kingdoms in the world.

South Africa boasts 10% of the world's total flora on less than 2 % of world's terrestrial surface.

This makes South Africa one the the most unique countries in which to do research on plants.

The website presents a compilation of past and present research in the field of medicinal and aromatic plants and various projects exploring the application of plant extracts in the flavour, fragrance and pharmaceutical industries.

The various projects unequivocally confirms the abundance of opportunities which exists for natural product research in South Africa.

Biography of Prof Alvaro Viljoen

National Research Chair in Phytomedicine awarded by the NRF/DST in 2013.

Career of Alvaro Viljoen

October 2013 - to present : NRF/DST Research Chair in Phytomedicine, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Tshwane University of Technology, Pretoria. Director of SAMRC Herbal Drugs Research Unit.

Multimedia Presentations

Yound fern frond  - Cocagne  garden, Gordon's Bay, Western Cape, Helderberg, South Africa [2008 ©]